Our restaurant has been a point of reference in Rome for lovers of good cuisine since 1965.

The seriousness we dedicate to our work makes us special in a city where offering food is increasingly homologated and going to a restaurant is becoming a more a reason for entertainment and less an occasion to taste good food.

In order to take the term “restaurant” back to its true value, we would therefore like to tell you about ourselves and our way of interpreting service in restoration.

We use only extra virgin oil in our cooking and for frying we use top quality peanut oil.

The parmesan cheese is made by a producer who is well-known to all the most important Italian restaurateurs.

Our pizzas are garnished with real mozzarella and not with slices cut from industrially produced melted cheeses.

We adopt the same criteria for all the products we buy while aiming to reach our objective: to guarantee our client high quality food at a “normal” price. Our idea of restoration (which goes against the current trend, where the creativity of the chef tends - all too often - to mystify and alter the true flavours) is realised by offering a meal of high nutritional value and an intrinsic high quality with the aim of exalting its genuineness.

As such it is fundamental for our clients to receive the message that the rapport between the quality of the food and value for money is of the utmost importance When evaluating of the real cost of a meal which here is extremely good value when one considers the policy of prices in comparison with today’s needs.

All this is possible thanks to years of careful research and choice of primary materials, as well as scrupulous preparation with respect to our culinary and cultural traditions.

Moreover, of primary importance is low impact to the environment in our choice of acquisition, we usually buy from local markets, or are supplied by small producers, fishermen and farmers with whom we have direct and often exclusive contact, which gives more of a guarantee of competence in work and tradition which are difficult to reproduce anywhere else.

In an age where globalisation leads to the arrival of goods from goodness knows where ( even goods we could easily find at home), and the homologation of tastes and products imposed because of low prices by large-scale retail trade makes many places similar, we prefer to consider those who with perseverance and any number of problems keeps his livelihood going with passion and quality.

After so many years of working in the family tradition (we began in 1965) we owe a huge “THANK YOU” to our faithful clientele for their appreciation and support.

We urge all those who don’t yet know us, but who share our decisions and motivation, to come and see us to nourish this type of restoration based on substance and concreteness, which are qualities that are becoming rare in a sector in which improvisation is the norm.

We are always open
Annual Closure
3 weeks in August and Christmas Day
12.30-15.00 / 19.30-24.00
credit cards
Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Diners, Eurocard, Carta Si, Bancomat, Bankamericard
Small animals allowed. Outside seating available in Summer. Parking available in the nearby square. Room available for working lunches and dinners for up to 25 people.





Via Crescenzio, 13 - 00193 Roma
+39 // +39 377.70.89.578

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