Fish: one of the strong points of our restaurant. We have a fish counter from which the client can choose what he would prefer and have it prepared as he would like it .
The fish comes from the ports of Civitavecchia, Anzio, Montalto di Castro, Terracina, and Fiumicino and is fished from trawlers, boats with line fishing (top) and trammel.
Our display of local fish is made up of many different species including :

Our show, exclusively made of local fishes counts several types such as:

  • WHITE FISH: Sargo, gilthead bream, adlerfish, dentex, striped bream, red bream, corb, sea bass, red mullet, and sole roasted in the oven and served with potatoes, grilled, stewed, “acqua pazza” style, in salt, boiled, in white wine, “alla mugnaia” style.

  • FISH SOUP: Scorpion fish, capone or gurnard, John Dory, stargazer, monkfish ,skate, grouper, turbot, codfish, to try “Livornese” style, boiled, “all’acqua pazza” style, cooked in the oven with potatoes, with white wine, or “mugnaia” style.

  • SHELL FISH: Scampi, jumbo prawn, red jumbo prawn, king prawn, humpbacked prawn, mantis prawn, Italian lobster, local “leone di mare”, to try grilled or stewed, but also “marinara” style, boiled or with tomato and “catalana” style.

  • SEAFOOD: Free range? Sea Clams, mussels, sea truffles, tellina, best quality French oysters, “canelli”, whelks to be tried au gratin, or sautéed (in a frying pan with garlic, oil, chilli pepper and parsley).

  • “SIMPLE” AZURE FISH AND OTHERS: Ricciola, sardines, anchovies. According to the season there are other types such as mackerel, Atlantic bonito, gar-fish, amberjack, dolphin fish, cefalo, “cerino”, forkbeard, etc.. “livornese” style, stewed, “all’acqua pazza”style.

  • AS WELL AS: Fresh calamary, baby calamary, extra tender octopus, fried fish with mullet, codling, baby sole, smelt and sword fish.




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